Posted on October 23, 2018 by Josh Puttock

1) MoreYoga

The MoreYoga class with Tommy Hibbitts was an Ashtanga class with a little mix up. More Yoga’s philosophy is simply to make Yoga more accessible and affordable; they have 18 studios across London. Tommy has a fun, creative teaching style which was motivating and very enjoyable – I need to work on my ‘Bird of Paradise’!

2) The stand selection

There were amazing stands offering a wonderful array of clothing, mats & accessories, fresh juices and smoothies, delicious vegan food, incense, Tibetan Singing Bowls… the list is endless. You could learn about retreats and training programmes, or join a workshop for more in-depth knowledge. I loved the family run @thehennaden and the beautiful lady that served me.

I needed to stock up on Sacred Stones; these stones are a smoke free alternative to incense sticks, a teaspoon lasts a min of 6 hours and has a super lasting effect. I brought the patchouli, such a gorgeous smell for my lounge.

3) The Goddess Within

A class with mother and daughter, Sandra and Sofia. The Goddess Within is a truly uplifting experience to connect with the feminine and honour your inner Shakti (divine female power)! The ladies took us through movement, affirmations, guided meditation and beautiful visualizations. We ended with empowering mantras and mudras, and a crystal to take away to remind us that mother earth is always there.

4) OM class

An OM-azing class with Lydiana Abbott! We focussed on backbends, using strength to get us into the stretchy asanas (postures) safely. Lydiana’s clear explanations meant you could move through the sequence without needing to look up. Loved her calm, clear and considerate guidance.

5) Attending with Mum!

Finally, a highlight was going to the #omyogashow with my Mum. Sharing such a lovely yoga experience with someone close to you is a true highlight.

By Sally Ottewell, Gym & Spa Consultant