Posted on April 05, 2018 by Josh Puttock

Gym classes are a popular and easy way to burn some calories, right? People use them as it gives them a routine to follow and an instructor that can guide them, which is better than aimlessly wandering around a gym floor unsure of what to do.

Popular classes include spin, Pilates, circuits or Zumba. However there are some obscure classes that are becoming more and more popular, and that think a bit more outside the box. So, live on the edge a bit, and give one of these a go…

Unconventional gym clsses

1) Animal flow – using functional movements while staying low to the ground engages multiple muscles and, despite its fun nature, is a tough workout. Designed to get you moving in new ways that should be natural yet have become difficult over years of sedentary lifestyles.

2) Pound – using light drumsticks this class is a full body cardio workout. Drumming along to set songs may sound easy but don’t be fooled. The tempo is high as are the amount of calories you will burn.

3) Versaclimber classes – these may have individual names at different gyms but the principle is the same. Using a versaclimber (basically a static vertical climbing machine) these classes target all the major muscle groups yet are zero impact. Great for people who have joint injuries or those who are looking to avoid injury to begin with.

4) Trampolining classes – helps to develop upper and lower body strength, coordination, balance and lung capacity. Added to the fact it can be great fun, this is ideal for someone looking for something different.

Keep an open mind

There are plenty more unique classes that have not made this list. All you need to do is some research. So if you are bored of the usual workouts or are new to the gym, consider trying various classes. It could keep you motivated and healthy!

By Josh Remedios, Gym & Spa Supervisor.