Posted on September 18, 2017 by Kim Mead

Achieving the perfect work/life balance is important not only for the health and wellbeing of yourself, but for all members of your family, your friends and those you work with.

Here are some recommendations to keep work from taking over your life.

1. Evaluate options for living closer to your workplace. Analyse transportation times, costs, opportunity costs and, when economic and other personal conditions allow it, make decisions about it.
2. Take care of your body and mind. Sleep and eat well, rest and exercise, get regular health check-ups. The impact of neglecting your body’s early warning signs can cost you much more financially and give you lots of stress.
3. Define work and personal goals appropriately. Take particular care that your goals are viable according to personal resources or availability of time, money, information, equipment, permits and others such factors.
4. Plan and manage your time. If you have difficulty managing your time, do not think twice: take a course, find a mentor or be self-taught, but learn to manage time! Remember: anyone without a head or ability to plan will be held back from achieving abetter work/life balance.
5. Learn to say NO. This is achieved with assertiveness: doing it politely, outlining arguments and giving alternatives. Do not overload yourself with what you cannot handle and do not generate false expectations in others by saying yes to something you should say no to.

By Gonzalo Narona-Palacoius, Gym & Spa Operative, Fulham Reach