Posted on July 24, 2018 by Kate Gordon

7:00 AM

Today I wake up, get myself ready and pack my gym bag for later on. Then I walk to my first destination of the day, listening to one of my favourite podcasts – ‘Happy Place’ by Ferne Cotton. This tends to get me in a good mood and ready to tackle the day.

9:00 AM

I’ve been invited to a photoshoot for our company magazine, which is taking place in one of our directors’ home gyms for a workout environment feel. Once the lighting is set up, we’re in the gym and trying to be as natural as possible for the camera – not easy!

11:30 AM

Back in the office, I listen to any voicemails and go through my emails. I also take some time to catch up with our personal trainers and find out what their availability is like for the week ahead. I manage all gym induction bookings for 55 motive8 gyms, which the personal trainers facilitate, so we need to stay in close contact.

01:00 PM

With the weather being so nice recently, I have been taking my lunch and going to sit by the river at Teddington Lock. It’s refreshing to get out of the o ice for a bit and to get some fresh air; spending time away from the computer screen is always nice.

03:00 PM

We have launched a new online booking system for all our gym inductions, meaning people don’t have to book over the phone. Today I have been updating the system with new information and training some of the PTs on how to use it. All of our sites will be using this system, so it is important the transition goes smoothly.

04:30 PM

The best part of the day, our o ice Bake O . Once a month we hold a competition between two bakers and everyone tastes, then votes on the best bake. The delicious healthy banana and raspberry mu ins get my vote, just so you know!

05:30 PM

This is the end of work but the beginning of my training. At the start of 2018 I joined a gym that is very close to work, so there’s no excuses not to go. Most of the time I will do a fitness class as I always feel more motivated when working out with other people – today it’s a HIIT session.

08:00 PM

Home and time for dinner. I try to spend some of my evening stretching whilst watching TV, as I feel like I never quite do enough at the gym. It also relaxes me before heading to bed, and I always feel better for doing it. Now it’s time to unwind and reflect on the day.