Posted on March 04, 2018 by Louisa Feary

An arms blast workout is a great way to get a stronger upper body whilst working the core for stability and protecting the back.

Always warm up sufficiently either on a piece of cardio or with active stretches.


  • 12 x 3 sets light weight Bicep Curls – perform action with both arms simultaneously. Minimise swinging by keeping arms tight to side of body and performing movement from the elbow joint.
  •  10 x 3 sets Hammer Curls – similar to the bicep curls but with hands and forearms turned in towards the body. Can be performed with a hammer curl bar or dumbbells
  • 10 x 3 sets – EZ bar curls – hands are turned in slightly towards the body with the bar. Keep the movement smooth and controlled.
  • Finish by using a medium strength resistance band with handles and perform 25 simultaneous bicep curls. Place the middle of the band under your feet holding one handle in each hand, ensuring equal distribution between the two.


  • Superset: 12 Tricep Push Downs on a lat pull machine with a dual handle rope attachment into 20 kick backs x3
  • 12 x 3 Skull Crushers with an EZ bar – maintain the movement from the elbow in a slow and controlled action. Don’t go too heavy to start as the action is towards the head – Safety First!
  • Superset 2:  – 8 Overhead Tricep Extensions into 25 tricep dips x 3


Finish this arms session with a quick blast of the shoulders – Trio circuit with increasing weight per exercise:

8 frontal arm raises –> 10 lateral arm raises –> 12 shoulder presses

Repeat 3 times.

Good luck!