Posted on August 17, 2020 by Josh Puttock

We’ve got the perfect monthly challenge for anyone who still struggles to get back into the fitness lifestyle!

Make August your month – challenge yourself and complete the workout below x3 times a week for the remainder of this month:

  •  Jogging on the spot – 30 seconds
  •  Press ups / half press ups – x15 repetitions
  •  Jumping jacks – 30 seconds
  •  Dumbbell / barbell rows – x15 repetitions
  •  Mountain climbers – 30 seconds
  •  Squats – x30 repetitions
  •  Crunches – x30 repetitions
Repeat the above x4 times – no more than 60 seconds of break time in between!
Don’t forget to do some static stretching afterwards – the golden rule is to hold each stretch for at least 15 seconds.


By Filip Kozlowski – Gym & Spa Manager