Posted on April 28, 2020 by Josh Puttock

We’ve been completing an increasing number of home gym projects over the last couple of years and we really enjoy the personal nature of these projects, especially getting to know the clients and collaborating with them to deliver their perfect home gym or wellbeing space. Recent projects have become more and more bespoke in terms of design and requirements, and we have seen a rise in the investment our home gym customers are making for dedicated space and equipment to support the physical and mental wellbeing of themselves and their families.

At the moment, anyone that has already invested in a home gym will be making the most of it and hopefully using the extended amount of time at home to maximise workout time, making the most of many of the free online training sessions available. If you don’t have a dedicated home gym space at home, it’s very easy to create something that can work perfectly well, with minimal equipment. We’ll share some ideas on this in our next blog post. From our many years of experience and feedback from our home gym customers, below we explore the benefits of having a gym or fitness space on your doorstep.


Albany Close Private Gym

Bespoke is best

The wonderful thing about creating a fitness and wellbeing space at home is that it can be designed exactly for your requirements. If building from scratch, then you can really go to town on the specification, but even if converting an existing space, you can still select all equipment, fixtures and fittings to meet your exact needs.

By going through a simple consultancy process, you can communicate your fitness and wellbeing needs to us and we will come up with a number of solutions that will enable you to complete activities that will support you in meeting your long-term health and fitness goals. If the space is to be used by multiple family members, then that will all be taken in to consideration at the consultancy and design phases.

Long gone are the days of a treadmill in the garage, we are now working on projects where buildings and outdoor spaces are created from scratch as part of the project. These spaces might be used for traditional gym style workouts, meditation, yoga or sports specific training. Now that it’s possible to join a host of live streamed classes, you really can have it all from home.

Kingston Home Gym

No Excuses

With many of us juggling multiple tasks day-to-day, exercise and wellbeing time can often sit at the bottom of our to do lists. The intention is there, but it gets squeezed for something that is deemed more of a priority. Time for personal fitness and wellbeing has to become a priority and building it into to everyday life is really important. Little and often is a saying that definitely applies to exercise and physical activity and by having a dedicated space at home for training there’s really no excuse – you can make time for exercise to kick start your day, last thing at night or anytime in between!

Take out travel time

One thing we’ve noticed since having to work from home is how much extra time we have in the day. The majority of this is from having no travel time to factor in. Take the time out of travelling to a gym every day and that’s more time to actually do the exercise, also less stress with one less journey to make and less layer of traffic to endure.

Twickenham Private Gym

Family affair

As the need for improvements in our lifestyles grows, a new culture is gradually emerging. We’ve seen a huge rise in the popularity of health and fitness brands, and there’s a wealth of related content available online. It’s perfectly acceptable now for adults, teens and children to spend most of their time in athleisurewear and family outings based around activity have become more frequent – a Saturday Parkrun for example.

Developing a fitness and wellbeing space at home gives you the opportunity to create a family hub, a positive space for you to spend time together and have fun trying different workouts. However, it equally provides a space for you all to have a bit of me time and escape and re-charge your batteries!

The cost of wellbeing

With any new project, there’s going to be a significant financial investment and it’s no different if you are thinking about creating a new home gym. A simple calculation of what you spend on monthly membership for your current gym or health club, against your home gym project cost would show you how long it would take to start saving on monthly outgoings – and this will depend on the spec of your project of course. A well thought out project will also add value to your property.

There is more to this investment than financials though, this is an investment in your physical and mental wellbeing, and you have the opportunity to create a really special space that will keep your fitness regime on track for years to come.

Gilston Private Home Gym


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