Posted on August 27, 2016 by Jasmine Shaddock

There are many benefits to having a residential gym. It encourages people to exercise, increases the value of a property, and builds an excellent community amongst tenants and home owners.


Residential gyms are now at the forefront of a property developer’s mind when designing accommodation. They are now a key feature that sets properties apart in an already fiercely competitive market.

motive8’s Managing Director, Nick Sadler, shares his top benefits of having a residential gym:

“The biggest barrier [of going to the gym] is the convenience factor”, says Nick.

“Waking up in the morning and knowing that there’s a gym 30 seconds away makes the world of difference.”

Some of us need a little more motivation when it comes to getting up early and having a good workout. Building a gym is a fantastic way of encouraging us to commit to staying healthy.



The fact that residents do not need to leave the building means they are free to use their own bathroom.

“Being able to go home after a workout to use your own shower full of your specific products, towels etc. is such a great advantage.”

Returning to your own flat after a workout at your residential gym also means avoiding otherwise busy changing rooms at peak hours in any other gym. This leaves you free to change in the peace and quiet of your own home with no queues.

“There’s a real satisfaction in being able to finish your shower and then stroll over to your fridge for a fresh glass of orange juice, uninterrupted.”



Most residential gyms are big enough to accommodate a wide range of equipment, giving users a level of variety in their workout which is hard to get from a personal gym.

Let’s face it, bad weather can stop even the most committed keep-fit fan from leaving the house for a run – especially in winter months. Having a gym in the same building that caters to running, rowing, weights etc. makes exercise far more tempting.

Residential gyms can be tailored and designed to suit the specific needs of the users. This is usually seen in the equipment chosen, or classes booked; but some gyms can go one step further.

Apartments with a residential gym near an airport often run on a 24hr timetable to cater to international travellers (and sometimes home owners with particularly acute jet lag!).



The value a gym can add to a development comes in more ways than one. It has long been acknowledged that a gym in a property can increase its value – particularly in developments. This works well for sellers as well as buyers, as gym membership is often included in the service charge – and usually cheaper than a regular gym’s monthly cost.

And it’s not just us who recommend a gym in the home! Property development guru, Phil Spencer, is also a firm believer of increasing the value of houses and residencies by adding a gym.

A gym in a property can also make the differential feature that makes a property stand out when it’s on the market – even to those who don’t use a gym!

A residential gym – depending on its size – can add between £3 and £7 per month to a flat’s service charge. This small increase in cost could see a resident being able to use luxury facilities in their own building. A far more tempting offer than a regular low cost gym, which typically costs between £19 – £26 per month.


Community spirit

Residential gyms can help to build a community for users and their guests. It’s easy to get to know your neighbours when you work out together. You can encourage each other, motivate each other and become real gym buddies.

“[Residential gyms] create a great community hub. If you’ve just moved in and there are 400 flats you can meet someone in the gym very easily,” says Nick.

“You’ve already got something in common because you both enjoy a workout at the gym!”



Residential gyms, by nature, have fewer daily users than commercial gyms. Even with luxury fittings and furnishings, a high daily footfall will result in faster wear and tear. Residential gyms with less traffic are much easier to keep fresh and looking like new – a great advantage from a design point of view. This also affects the cleaning rota. It is much easier to keep a gym clean with around 250 people potentially using the gym per day.

There are so many benefits for everyone involved in a residential gym from investors to users – installing a great gym may be the best decision a developer could make.

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