Posted on July 18, 2016 by Jasmine Shaddock

Bespoke, high-end gyms look stunning. The more time you take looking around a beautifully designed gym, the more detail you will find. From the welcome mat to the showers, to the smartly displayed equipment with the gym logo, every small consideration counts.

Gyms can be highly bespoke, providing you know what to personalise. motive8’s very own gym design expert and managing director, Nick Sadler, tells us more about how to achieve a custom gym.

Changing the colour of the equipment to tie in with the rest of the gym’s design is a great way of not only tying a concept together, but creating the illusion of more space. Bulky machinery that blends in rather than clashing with its surroundings will always look slick.


Gym equipment & décor complement perfectly at Fitzroy Place.

Customising the equipment

“Popular colours for gym equipment are chromes. This look is becoming hugely popular at the moment”, says Nick.

“Technogym are a great example of a company that is very open to the idea of customising equipment.”

Carbon fibre is another high quality material that is used in a bespoke gym design. Fitted wall racks and pull-up bars look great in the very light-weight carbon fibre.


Bespoke colour WaterRowers at One Tower Bridge.

“The wood finish is another great look for high-end gyms. You can get dumbbells, water rowers and other equipment in various wood finishes, which are very trendy at the moment.”

It’s not just treadmills and rowers that can also be customised – the small details count just as much. Branding and logos can be printed or etched onto weights, stretching and yoga mats, and their colours can be customised to match the overall scheme.


motive8 branded free weights add a touch of class to any workout space.

Branding and logos should not stop at the gym door; these can be continued through to the changing rooms and shower facilities or any spa rooms that may also be part of a high-end gym. Towels, water bottles, robes, soaps and shampoos can all be customised in colours, logos and even shapes!

In the zone

Another aspect of making a gym bespoke is tailoring its space to its users.

Charter Spitalfields

Clever zoning of workout spaces using flush fit flooring at Charter Spitalfields.

“Zoning is a very popular technique for dividing up a gym into its respective types of exercise. One zone for stretching, another for weights etc.”

Zoning floor areas not only organises a gym nicely, but shows its users that the space has been personalised to their exercise needs. Customers will feel they are very well looked after if their regular gym caters to exactly what they like to use.

There is also a good practical and design reason for zoning floor space. Different flooring can be used in each zone so that the floor is the most suitable for a particular type of exercise. A hard non-scratch floor, for example, is great for running and rowing machines; whereas a thicker but slightly softer area in the stretching zone would be much kinder on people’s knees – even if they are using a mat.

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