Posted on October 17, 2017 by Kim Mead


– 500g 5% lean beef mince
– 2 large sweet potatoes
– Low fat butter
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 1 red onion
– One pack of asparagus tips
– Handful of green beans
– Oxo beef stock
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Low fat cheese


– Chop garlic and onion into small pieces.
– Heat a frying pan with a small amount of olive oil.
– Add beef and brown.
– While the beef is browning boil some water in a saucepan. Chop the sweet potato into cubes and place in the boiling water. Cook for 10 minutes until they are soft.
– Add chopped garlic and onion into the mince.
– Add green beans and asparagus tips.
– Boil some water and add into a cup with the beef stock. Once dissolved add this into the frying pan with the beef and vegetables. Cook until the stock is reduced.
– Remove sweet potato from the heat and mash with a knob of butter.
– Place the beef mix into an oven proof dish and cover evenly with the sweet potato.
– Sprinkle some cheese over the top and bake in the oven for 10 minutes on 180 degrees.