Posted on January 12, 2018 by Louisa Feary

What are they?

Bodyweight training is a very beneficial training method which simply involves using your own bodyweight in exercises. This is instead of using resistance via weights or gym equipment. There are numerous advantages to including bodyweight exercises in your average gym routine, regardless of what your specific goals are. Below are some reasons why they are so effective for your training!

Why do them?

  • Bodyweight exercises increase your joint mobility and strength, as all of the body is engaged in the activity rather than using resistance machines to isolate muscle groups. Some exercises will target groups but the whole body will still be engaged. Machines are designed to only work certain parts of the body leaving the rest out of the exercise.
  • This is a good training method for building lean muscle mass; the body doesn’t have to work with any extra weight but its own therefore it will naturally build muscles in areas that require more strength. This is also a good training method to balance your body evenly instead of ending up with certain areas over/underdeveloped. Not only will this improve your performance in the gym but will also improve functionality for everyday tasks, such as carrying objects or just moving around.
  • Including bodyweight exercises in your routine will greatly improve your core strength due to the fact that you need the core engaged in virtually any bodyweight exercise in order to do it effectively.
  • Bodyweight training can be very cost-effective. Due to the minimal equipment, if any at all, required to perform this type of exercise since you are literally using your own bodyweight you can do these anywhere.

How to do them?

Have a look here for a few good bodyweight exercises to include in a gym routine if you need some inspiration:







I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and that it gave you at least a little bit of a nudge to get some of those bodyweight exercises done. You could start incorporating these into your routine or maybe even try one full-bodyweight workout a week. If you don’t fancy braving the cold to head to the gym, then you can do your own workout at home with these.

Filip Kozlowski, Gym & Spa Supervisor, Beaufort Park