Posted on August 25, 2017 by Louisa Feary

When rushing around in the morning, trying to get yourself and your kids ready can be struggle and sometimes breakfast gets put on a back burner. That’s why breakfast clubs were started to allow families with schedules that don’t fit with school timetables the chance to stay healthy and start their day right. Before school food and activities are the perfect way to wake up, get fuelled and get some oxygen going to the brain ready for a full day of learning. 

The correlation is clear: healthy kids perform better at school. Not just against other students but against themselves. A tired, undernourished child is less likely to reach their potential compared to when they are well fed and well rested.  

A study in Cardiff showed a positive link between performance in school and the simple act of eating breakfast. In fact, children were twice as likely to perform above-average when tested when they had eaten breakfast.  

However, it is not just nutrition that can start your child’s day off right; exercising in the morning has been found to reduce symptoms of ADHD. Not only that but a fun group activity such as gymnastics can help your child be alert for learning and starts the day with laughter and enjoyment which they can then carry on through to school. Being in a classroom learning all day can be tiring and, as a consequence, children may not want to go to a late sports session or coaching, but by doing it straight after they wake up they should be refreshed and ready to have a go. 

Kids have so many sports to choose from there’s often not enough days in the week to get through them after school so having them before school, where they get even more time with their friends, can only be a positive in their eyes too. 

Our coaching department provide lots of after school clubs but also breakfast clubs for schools who want to give their kids that extra boost of health in the morning so head to the coaching department to see what they can do for you.