Posted on November 27, 2017 by Louisa Feary

In order to improve yourself as a runner, one of the things you will be looking to constantly work on is your running distance. Adding more mileage to your running distance can be a difficult obstacle for a lot of individuals to overcome as it can lead to a build-up of physical, along with mental, fatigue. It is important to make sure you’re training safe and enjoyably to reduce the risk of these events happening.

To ensure you have prepared the muscles for activity, make sure you start each run with an active warm up as well as a dynamic stretching session; this will reduce the risk of injury whilst also allowing you to get closer to your full running potential as stretching allows for greater range of movement.

One way of building up to increasing your running distance safely and efficiently would involve using a run-then-walk combination. It may be helpful as you will be able to cover a greater amount of distance and eventually you can be able to get to a point where you have the physical levels to run the whole distance by building up fitness and also confidence.

Don’t go running every day and mix your running with strength training, yoga and rest days to give the body time to rest and recover. Strength training is very important too; a plan focused on all the muscles that keep balance with exercises like squats, lunges, planks, back extensions.

Mix your runs with long and short distance days where you will be working on speed, endurance on your short runs with sprint intervals.

Make sure to stretch and foam roll at the end of your cool down to help the muscles recover to avoid injuries and help mobility for best technique.

A way to also build running distance safely would be setting your individual goals. This helps as it is a way to track progress; by doing this you may also be able to avoid forcing yourself to do too much too soon which would increase the risk of injury and overloading training. These are just a few examples of how to safely improve or increase running distance – if you follow these examples, it is more likely that you will see an improvement in your long distance running ability.

Jefferson Agudelo, Julian Debrah and Eleonora Berra, Dickens Yard