Posted on June 26, 2017 by Kim Mead

A good amount of cardio activity is necessary for our bodies to reach peak health. Many individuals will enjoy a bit of cardio when it comes to the warm-up in a quest to get the blood flowing more efficiently to deal with the demands of physical activity in a main workout.

While many people do use cardiovascular exercises as part of their workout, other individuals are not attracted to it once they are finished with their warm-up. This may be due to a reluctance of having to use cardio machines for a lengthy amount of time which certain people may find boring. However, there are ways to incorporate weights into cardiovascular exercise and here are a few suggestions.

Warm Up

5 minutes on the cross trainer.

Main Workout

Push Up with Row – For this exercise, place yourself into a push up position whilst having a grip on two dumbbells. Proceed to bend your elbow in order for the body to lower in a press up type movement, then row the weight towards your chest and repeat this movement on the other arm. Complete up to 20 reps of this and do this in 2 sets.

Squat to Overhead Press – Firstly, stand shoulder width apart whilst holding a pair of dumbbells and proceed to get into squat position by bending knees whilst not allowing them to go past the toe line. When pushing through the squat, hold the dumbbells over your head and lower back into the squat position to complete 1 rep. For this exercise to be effective, complete 3 sets of 15 reps.

Split Jump – With this exercise you must be in lunge type stance and have one light to moderate weight dumbbell in each hand. Whilst staying upright, attempt to jump and whilst mid-air attempt a scissor kick so you can now extend the opposite leg to be stretched out behind you and this is one rep. Complete 15 reps of this exercise and aim for 3 sets.

Cool Down

5 minutes light run on the treadmill into 3 minute slow brisk walk.

Egle Malciauskaite, Gym & Spa Supervisor, Dickens Yard Spa Team