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Corporate Gyms | Corporate Wellbeing | Gym Design

The Workplace Gym – Design to Fit Your Company’s Vision

Since the inspiring 2012 Olympics, we have seen an increasing interest in workplace fitness and employee wellbeing. Which is why we are now installing more workplace gyms than ever. The design of a workplace gym is an opportunity to foster wellbeing and fitness amongst your workforce.

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Corporate Gyms | Corporate Wellbeing | Gym Design

Hiring a Corporate Gym Consultant

There’s more to installing a gym than putting weights and treadmills in a room, especially when it comes to a corporate gym. It can be an invaluable space to help drive employee engagement, so making sure you get the build, design and installation right is crucial. If you’re thinking of installing a workplace gym, it’s important to get help and advice on the best solutions for your space.

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Corporate Gyms | Gym Design

Gym & Spa Project Case Study – Frederick House, Bath

Frederick House in Bath is the second gym we have installed for M&G Investments. The kit fitted is primarily Technogym made, and provides a good mix of strength and cardio. We also installed specialist free-weight flooring to ensure the equipment remains in excellent condition for the longest period of time possible. When it comes to the […]

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Corporate Gyms | Corporate Wellbeing | Gym Design

Corporate Gym Interior Design Trends

Employee wellbeing is fast becoming a key point on the boardroom agendas. The employment market in the UK is extremely competitive, so perks, benefits and wellbeing packages are now crucial in order to attract and retain employees. Naturally, fitness is one of the most popular options, with organisations providing subsidised gym memberships or workplace gyms. If […]

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Corporate Gyms | Corporate Wellbeing | wellbeing

Corporate Wellbeing – the Latest Stats

Corporate wellbeing can increase employee retention, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity and efficiency.  A happier, fitter workforce is an engaged one, better able to meet the demands of the business. If your business is looking at rolling-out a wellbeing strategy, we look at the latest stats and outline how fitness should be a key element of […]

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Corporate Gyms | Corporate Wellbeing | Equipment

When to Update Corporate Gym Equipment

How long should you hang on to your corporate gym equipment before you need to upgrade it or replace it? Leading corporate gym designers motive8 look at the factors to weigh when deciding when to upgrade.

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Corporate Gyms | Corporate Wellbeing

How a Corporate Gym Can Boost Employee Engagement

The long hours working culture that dominated the UK workforce for so long is changing.  Employees want a better work/life balance, which is why we’re seeing an upturn in people focusing on projects, hobbies or family activities to incentivise them to leave work on time. For employees trying to manage life inside and outside the […]

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Corporate Gyms | Corporate Wellbeing | Gym & Spa News

Motivating Employees After Christmas

Let’s be honest, nobody enjoys going back to work after Christmas. It’s a long stretch until payday, it’s cold, and, to top the lot, there is Blue Monday, which is “officially” the most depressing day of the year. This is a time when employers need to focus on staff wellbeing and health. It’s the month […]

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