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Corporate Wellbeing | wellbeing

motive8’s top tips for a happy & healthy workplace

As highlighted in our recent blog, the subject of mental wellbeing has been particularly prominent in the media over recent weeks. Alongside Mental Health Awareness Week, the topic’s relevance has been accentuated by the London Marathon and both Prince Harry and Lady Gaga highlighting the issues they have personally faced over the years. As a company focused on health […]

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Corporate Wellbeing | Equipment | Exercises | Training | wellbeing | workouts

Fitting in training around a busy lifestyle

Clients often ask the question – “When do you find time to train yourself, when you are out training clients or in the office all day?” It’s a fair question….my clients that get to know more about me will learn that I often start my days with a 4:00am or 4:15am alarm sounding, with my working day beginning at […]

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Corporate Wellbeing | wellbeing

Sauna – Before or After Your Workout?

Using a sauna has always been a place where individuals love to unwind and have some to time to relax post or even prior to workouts. However, not every individual is aware of the benefits or even negatives that can come from using the sauna prior to or post workout and also may be unaware of […]

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Corporate Wellbeing | Gym Design

Why Changing Room Design is as Important as Gym Design

When planning a new gym or refurbishment, the changing room design is critical to the overall success of the gym facility.  Footfall will undoubtedly increase if the changing room incorporates the needs of the user into a functional, clean, warm and private space.  The changing room is an integral part of your interaction with your […]

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Corporate Wellbeing | Exercises | Gym Design | Training | workouts

Latest Fitness Trends for Corporate Gyms in 2017

Already in 2017 we are seeing a lot of new and exciting fitness and workout trends for us to try.  As corporate gyms across the country add them to their studio timetables, we look at the current trends being seen in the workplace gym. The average lunch break for most full time employees across the […]

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Corporate Wellbeing | Equipment | Gym Design

Gym Design Corners That Should Never Be Cut

It takes seven seconds for someone to form their first impression. Designing a gym without cutting corners could make the difference between creating yet another gym and a winning lasting impression. People cut corners in design for many reasons: time, budget or availability of builders. Whatever the reason for finding a quicker way around a process or problem, […]

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motive8’s Surrey to Brighton Bike Ride

20 riders // 52 miles // buckets of rain!! Not one person woke up on Saturday morning wanting to join our Surrey to Brighton bike ride! The grim weather forecast had been the main point of discussion during the week leading up to the event. But, that’s par for the course, when you organise an […]

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Corporate Wellbeing | Gym Design | Nutrition

What is Employee Wellness?

Healthy and happy staff are absent less and more productive – that’s a fact.[1] Throughout the corporate world, both employees and staff are changing their attitudes towards health and wellbeing in the workplace. 88% of CEOs now say they have a wellbeing programme in place.[2] The focus is moving away from “health and safety” (avoiding […]

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company News | Corporate Wellbeing | Training | wellbeing | workouts

Practice What You Preach – Corporate Wellness

We’re big ambassadors of bringing fitness to the workplace and have helped a number of corporate clients to design, build, implement and manage on-site office gyms for their employees. You may be glad to read that our advice isn’t just based on scientific research (although lots of it is) but also on experience – motive8 […]

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Corporate Wellbeing | Nutrition | Training | wellbeing

New Year, New You!

Happy new year! Well done for last year we had some amazing results, with some amazing weight loss, great fitness gains including several clients running their first 10k! Yes Jenny beat me but that was last year and is old news so wont don’t need to hear any more about it. This week I’ve compiled […]

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