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Gym Design

Generating Revenue from a Hotel Gym & Spa

In the past, hotel gymnasiums were small, poorly equipped and under used. Nowadays a gym and spa forms an integral part of the overall hotel experience. A recent survey by discovered that 44% of travellers would not sacrifice a gym for a cheaper hotel room whilst a TripAdvisor survey found that 52% of travellers […]

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motive8 Sponsors Best Scheme in Planning at the National Housing Awards

Thursday 7th September saw the return of the annual National Housing Awards at the Lancaster London hotel. With 11 award categories and one overall winner, the awards recognise the success of housebuilders and developers operating in the affordable housing sector. This year motive8 sponsored the Best Scheme in Planning award. As part of our sponsorhip, […]

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Mat Work in the Home Gym

In any gym, whether it’s at work, your local kickboxing haunt or your home gym, it is essential to have a decent amount of floor space. A square area that is at least as long as you, when lying on the ground with your arms above your head, is ideal. Home gym mat work, with […]

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How a Private Gym Can Prepare You for the UK’s Quirkier Sports

Whether it’s the Tough Mudder Challenge or bog snorkelling, us Brits love a quirky challenge. Believe it or not, training is still essential, so why not do it from the comfort of a home gym? motive8, one of the UK’s leading home gym supply companies, has compiled this comprehensive list of tips to help you […]

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Top Ways to Prepare a Post-Natal Home Gym

Following the birth of your baby, exercise might be the last thing on your mind. However, evidence from The UK Chief Medical Officers Guidelines 2011 shows that physical activity can have “positive benefits to health, improve sleep, maintain a healthy weight, manage stress and improve quality of life”. All these things can help you cope with […]

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Perfect Private Gym Design for Busy Professionals

Finding time to fit in a productive gym session when you’re a busy professional can seem nigh on impossible, particularly if you have to contend with an arduous commute. Private gym design can offer the solution. Whether you’re building a bespoke room in your garden or repurposing a room in your house, having a home […]

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Watch the new motive8 student gym design video

At motive8 we believe that exercise can provide an essential balancing influence that will make a student’s life healthier, more enjoyable and, ultimately, more successful. And it seems property developers are embracing the same train of thought. With an increase in high end student accommodation, and a demand from students to have easier access to […]

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Latest Student Gym Design Trends

Attending the university gym was in UK students’ top 5 pastimes, reported the Independent last year. They ranked exercise at the gym above reading, blogging and, wait for it, going to the pub! However, it is still essential that gym managers keep an eye on the latest student gym design trends to keep students coming […]

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New development leisure facilities Q&A: Nick Sadler, motive8

Many new homes developments today – especially apartment blocks in towns and cities – offer their residents state-of-the-art leisure facilities, a relatively recent idea in the UK. Nick Sadler, founder of one of the pioneering providers of this type of facility, motive8, spoke exclusively to about what his company does and some of the […]

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LSL Tenant Survey puts Onsite Gyms at the Top of Tenants’ Wish Lists

motive8 has always been a strong advocate of living a healthy lifestyle; from our early days as a personal training business to our current position as market leaders in the design and installation of bespoke health and fitness facilities. Yet whilst it’s easy to tell people to ‘be healthy’ and ‘join a gym’, we’ve always […]

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The Summer Edition of motive8’s Magazine M8:Life is Out Now

It’s been a busy start to 2017 for the motive8 team. Our new website has been up and running for several months now and we’re pleased to report it seems to be doing its job! By amalgamating all our old sites into one central hub, our aim was to provide a onestop- shop for all […]

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How to Design a Gym for Students

Distractions abound for students embarking on their new university courses; most have access to unlimited entertainment via on demand TV, there’s the constant ping of social media updates to contend with, not to mention the lure of the student union. In these sedentary days, exercise is a prerequisite for a healthy life and successful academic […]

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Student Gyms Provide Healthy Alternative to the Union

April is Stress Awareness Month so it’s a very fitting time for us to talk about how student gym design can help Universities provide an alternative route to stress relief rather than the well-trodden path to the Student Union. It can not be disputed that as a society we use alcohol as a preferred way […]

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Gym Design

Gym & Spa Project Case Study – Dollar Bay, London

Dollar Bay is our second installation for renowned developer, Mount Anvil. motive8 began working with developer at the end of 2015, ensuring we could support and guide the client throughout the entire design process. The design was finalised in the Summer of 2017 with install shortly after in October. You can read the full case […]

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Building Successful Student Halls: Bring in Student Gym Design Experts

Today’s student accommodation is highly specified. If you are going to incorporate a gym, it’s important to ensure your student gym designers have the end-user’s needs as the core design pillar. A survey conducted by in August 2016, found that students rate a good gym above a great student bar and being near nightlife […]

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