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Posts in “Home Gyms”

Exercises | Gym Design | Home Gyms

Top Ways to Prepare a Post-Natal Home Gym

Following the birth of your baby, exercise might be the last thing on your mind. However, evidence from The UK Chief Medical Officers Guidelines 2011 shows that physical activity can have “positive benefits to health, improve sleep, maintain a healthy weight, manage stress and improve quality of life”. All these things can help you cope with […]

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Equipment | Exercises | Gym Design | Home Gyms

Perfect Private Gym Design for Busy Professionals

Finding time to fit in a productive gym session when you’re a busy professional can seem nigh on impossible, particularly if you have to contend with an arduous commute. Private gym design can offer the solution. Whether you’re building a bespoke room in your garden or repurposing a room in your house, having a home […]

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