Posted on July 31, 2017 by Kim Mead

As a continuing part of the development of motive8’s CSR program, our Gym & Spa manager, Rolstone Langmead, attended the Heart of the City’s workshop on data collation and reporting. As much as this sounds like a long and tedious task, the event highlighted how simple it can be to work out your company’s carbon footprint by collecting 5 easy to obtain levels of information. This then provides you with a base to set your environmental targets as a company to improve and reduce your impact. With guest speakers from across all industries at the event, it was great to take away actions that can be applied by everyone straight away.

Something as simple as running a switch off campaign in your office can lead to massive reductions in the energy being needlessly used; the added bonus of reducing this wasted energy is that it is actually going to save money as well as reducing carbon emissions. Each computer monitor left on over the weekend would cost around £15 in wasted electricity. A simple switch off policy each evening and over the weekends could result in saving large corporations up to £40,000 over the year.

This event also touched on the importance of not just the reporting of your impact but what you as a company and as individual employees are doing to make a difference. Partnerships and volunteering is a great start but being able to provide highly skilled volunteering is even better. The value of your time will always be the same to you whether you are painting a wall or providing a health screen to someone. However the value of your help as perceived by those receiving the health screening is much greater than if you had just helped with painting a wall. All volunteer work is good, and a great support to the charities and local communities they help, however, if there is a way that your professional skills can be used during this time the resonating benefits that will be felt by those you are helping will be much much greater.

motive8 is now in the process of calculating our carbon footprint and is looking forward to the challenge of reducing our impact on the environment while still providing the same level of exceptional service to our clients and our new charity partnerships across London.