Posted on October 22, 2018 by Josh Puttock

My colleagues and I were rewarded by motive8 to a staff outing recently; a team building day with full freedom in terms of what to do. While other people might have chosen a dinner and few drinks, but we decided something more adventurous and more in line with our profession – GO APE.

An obstacle course including rope swings, zip wires, ladders, walkways, bridges and tunnels high on top of the trees. We spend our days motivating people to be active, to trust themselves more, to try and run a bit faster, lift a little heavier, jump a little higher, so GO APE sounded like a great idea to challenge our own limits.

The nerves

At first, I was really excited, then I decided to research it on social media and actually seeing how tall the trees were and how hard some of the obstacles were, I have to admit, I was scared. Because of my slightly cautious approach to it all, I wished the weather was bad. I even hoped someone had to stay behind to cover the site…

But then the day came, and it was a warm and sunny one – now I am here, telling the story of a great, endorphin-rich experience that I am glad I did with an amazing team. Everything went smoothly, which might have been down to the very detailed briefing by GO Ape instructors about the equipment and safety, as well as a bit of training on how to complete the course.

GO APE fun

We all had a great time together despite the fact we don’t really work together too often as a collective. However, the boundaries were established pretty quickly and with the right mixture of encouragement and fun, we all discovered that heights are not all that bad.

In addition, strength built in the gym definitely helped in climbing those obstacles – in my case at least (I was holding my safety equipment ridiculously tight). The very well-deserved food and drink followed after we were back to our feet on the solid ground. Never has pizza tasted so good!

Moral of the story? Team work makes dream work! Everyone should go for something more challenging in their life to reveal their inner strength.

By Eleonora Berra, Gym and Spa Operative/Personal Trainer