Posted on February 28, 2019 by Josh Puttock

The inner thighs or groin muscles are also known as adductors. These muscles are commonly neglected and often remain undertrained, but we need to build them up as they provide a lot of support in how the hips and knees work.

Here are three exercises from April Vismonte, PT at Beaufort Park. If you’ve not trained these muscles at all or for a while, it is best to start off using your bodyweight first before progressing to weights.

Weighted Isometric Sumo Squat Hold/Sumo Squat Hold:   


Goblet Sumo Deficit Squat:


Stagger Walking Lunge:


Here are other exercises that you can try:

  • Plank jack
  • Lateral bounding
  • Lateral slides (in various angles)
  • Resistant bands lateral slides
  • Timed glute bridge squeeze
  • In & out squats
  • Sumo deficit deadlifts
  • Sumo deadlifts