Posted on August 04, 2017 by Louisa Feary

We’ve been talking in the motive8 office discussing our favourite ways to keep active. Turns out there’s so many different ways! Here’s a selection of our favourite pasttimes to get you inspired…

My Favourite way to stay active is…

‘…to go for a chilled bike ride, around a picturesque park or lake.’ Chantel

‘…to hit the Yorkshire Hills on my bike when working up North – that is fresh air! In London I enjoy swimming and when possible get down to a nearby lake first thing.’ Sarah

‘… to dance all the time and walk along the seafrontMonika

‘…during my busy schedule it’s by training with my clients; it keeps them motivated and allows me to sneak in extra exercise!’ Alex

‘…to work out early in the morning before heading out for work. I feel I have achieved something and it clears my thoughts for the day ahead.’ Nikki

‘…to smash a tennis ball around for an hour with Omar from work. He’s better than me so makes me up my game!’ Kim

‘…pretending to be Roger Federer before being told by my team mate I am more like Stevie Wonder.’ Omar

‘…A morning run; Sets me up for the day and forces me to have a good and filling breakfast.’ Rob

‘…taking the horses out for a good gallop around the countryside; I think everyone underestimates how much exercise that actually involves!’ Laura