Posted on August 17, 2020 by Josh Puttock

Feeling unsettled?

So are most of us. I know I am. Everything just feels different.

For some people, lockdown found new hobbies and lots of virtual catch ups but for a lot of us it has been difficult, lonely, unsettling and has come with a fear of the unknown especially now we move slowly back into our old routines.

If you feel like that, then you are not alone and I want you to know that it is okay to feel that way.

This article has 5 simple tips to help rebalance your root chakra; the chakra which helps us to feel grounded, stable and secure.

  1. Introduce the colour red into your home, diet and clothing. Just small splashes of colour. Perhaps a candle or a flower thats petals are red.
  2. Spend time outside. Take a moment to feel the breeze against your face, or to feel the grass under your feet.
  3. Meditate. Okay, so I don’t mean you have to chant ‘Aum’ and sit in Lotus until your legs go numb. Just take 2-5 minutes a day to just sit. No TV, no phone, no distractions. Allow yourself to hear each breath and to appreciate it moving around the body. Using every exhale as a moment to relax.
  4. Yoga posture. Any Asana that uses balance or grounding is perfect for the root chakra. One simple posture for feeling centred is Tadasana or Mountain Pose:

Stand with your feet together. Lift your toes and spread them out. Wiggle each toe. Now acknowledge if you can feel all 4 corners of your feet pressed down into the Earth. You can? Great, now place the toes down. Pressing through the feet bring the energy up the legs, with a feeling of drawing the thighs up towards the hips. Slightly draw the pelvis forward and under, like you are doing up a zip from your bottom to your belly button. You should now feel grounded through the lower body, like the trunk and roots of a tree. Allow each vertebrae to lengthen as you grow taller through your spine. Draw the shoulders away from the ears, bringing the arms alongside the body with the palms forward. Close your eyes. Breathe. Centre. Take a moment to acknowlege how your body feels.

  1. Use affirmations. One of my favourites for the root chakra is: “I am strong, I am loved, I am grounded.”

Either as part of your meditation or whilst in your Tadasana repeat this affirmation to yourself as many times as you need to.

Remember we all go through unexpected times. They do not last forever.

YOU are strong, YOU are loved, YOU are grounded.



By Lauren Alford, Gym & Spa Area Manager