Posted on January 03, 2020 by Josh Puttock

Are you ready to challenge yourself in 2020? Make sure you take part in our Monthly Challenges…

We will have a new challenge ready to go on the 1st of every month until 31st December. The top male and female participants from our managed gyms will receive special prizes, too.

Don’t be shy and ask one of the Duty Staff members at your site for more information, if you want to participate. And if you just fancy taking part on your own, then that’s just as good!

The challenge:

Fastest 500M Row followed by 30 Burpees.

The details:

The rules? Time starts as soon as participants start rowing. Time stops once the distance is reached – and then restarts in 15 seconds, when participants need to be ready for burpees!

*This month’s Fitness Challenge was prepared by the team at Beaufort Park*