Posted on December 04, 2017 by Kim Mead

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t train outside; you just have to be smart about how you prepare yourself for the oncoming weather.

For all the outdoor morning joggers and park gym goers winter does not have to force you to stay indoors or signing up for a gym membership. Some people might shiver at the thought of an early jog in December with temperatures getting close to or even below 0 degrees however for some it might be more comfortable than training outdoors in the summer heat and being drenched in sweat.

Now you have to be smart about how you “layer” yourself since you will get warmer as you start training and will likely want to lower your temperature a bit. My personal preference is starting with a base layer for the torso and legs that consists of a thermal top & bottom plus a pair of thermal socks – much more comfortable than 2 individual pairs of thinner socks plus less washing! For the middle layer I would just choose a normal short sleeved shirt and shorts and for the last layer I would grab a thin waterproof jacket. Of course a warm and comfortable hat is very recommended – it’s a good idea to invest in pricier brands if you want a decent insulated and waterproof hat however good warm hats for around £5 -£10 can be found too. It is also a good idea to have set of gloves; I use thin outdoor sports gloves purchased mainly for my cycling but they do a good job with jogging as well due to being thin and a snug fit.

It looks like a bit of a shopping list but my estimate is that you would not need to spend any more than £60-70 excluding shoes which I assume you already have if you undertake any sports / physical activity – it might be worth getting an outdoor pair if you’re keen on training both indoors and outdoors since you’re likely to get them more or less dirty at some point.

All in all, cold weather does not mean you have to stick to the warm confines of a gym – with a bit of planning and a quick shopping trip you can get yourself ready for some character-building outdoor winter workouts!

Filip Kozlowski, Gym & Spa Supervisor, Beaufort Park