Posted on June 11, 2018 by Kate Gordon

My favourite summer sport would definitely be football, as the game offers people something different during the sunnier months. It tends to bring fans and players together and, although it’s popular during the winter, there are certain summer events that add to its charm.

A lot of small-sided tournaments are held in the summer; these are a lot of fun and the competitive nature of them can really bring the best out of you. Professional tournaments and competitions help boost the excitement too, whether you’re playing or watching as a supporter.

The benefits 

Varied perks

In my opinion, football can impact a participant’s body, mind and lifestyle in many positive ways. There are so many benefits to regular participation and involvement in the sport, and while this is the case all year, it definitely helps playing when the weather is better.

These are just some of the key benefits of playing during the summer:

  • It’s good for general health to be outside in brighter, warmer weather
  • There are many social benefits with summer competitions and events
  • It can improve physical health, and the brighter days can mean more evening playing time
  • It can help with mental wellbeing to be outside with friends

Best bits


We all know that football can be played throughout the year, in most weather types and on a number of surfaces – both inside and out. In the summer however, there are many extra reasons for the sport really being that bit more special.

Competitions such as the World Cup, European Championships and domestic European club matches tend to either take place in the summer, or finish around this time. The hype and buzz surrounding these can increase participation, add interest and bring people together.

New season

The summer can be an important part of the new season for players, as this pre-season time sees clubs return after their holidays to train together and get back in shape. You don’t just start a new campaign having done no preparation!

This period consists heavily of fitness work and a lot of strength and conditioning work, both inside and outside in the summer weather. As a footballer myself, this part of the season is one of the hardest parts – but I love the challenge and the shape it gets me in.

By Faisal Sevawa, Gym & Spa Operative