Posted on April 05, 2018 by Louisa Feary

Taking that first step back into sport after an injury can be a scary moment and the fear can often be the biggest hurdle you’ll have to overcome.

There are two big mistakes that can be made if the correct level of planning doesn’t happen:

  1. You rush into training, go too hard too soon and aggravate the injury further. This can lead to even more time needed for recovery and more time out.
  2. You build up the fear of returning to training so much that you don’t return to a sport or activity that you used to love.

Here we have a couple of steps to get you back to your old activity level and beyond!

Listen to advice

If it was a serious injury you have to listen to any advice given to you by doctors, physios or rehab specialists; they honestly will know best in regards to your specific injury. Do the set exercises and build from there. Having a stronger foundation will be worth it even if it takes more time.

Have a positive mindset

This may be easier said than done but by simply saying ‘I can’ or ‘I will try’ is better than ‘I can’t’! This small change will be a big difference in tackling that mental block.

Baby steps

Don’t expect to go back to training at the same level you were at before the injury. Don’t go as fast, lift as heavy or train for as long. This can lead to aggravation of the injury but can also be disheartening. Understanding that you will need to take a couple of steps back first will ultimately lead to those steps forward in the long run.

Change it up

If your injury now means your old favourite sport is too difficult, such as a shoulder injury making tennis or swimming too hard, try a new sport. There’s hundreds of sports and activities out there to try and thousands of clubs around the country.

Hopefully these few tips and tricks will help you get back on your feet after an injury !