Posted on June 29, 2018 by Kate Gordon

Tired of the treadmill? Dreading your next running session? Need to change things up? Well this blog should help you get rid of that negative mind-set when it comes to treadmills and cardiovascular gym training.

If running isn’t your thing, going to the gym for a run isn’t always easy. Treadmills aren’t the most exciting pieces of kit – even for hardened runners – so it’s understandable if a pencilled in run doesn’t do it for you.

All is not lost though; we all know how beneficial running can be to the body, so it’s worth doing a few things to help add excitement to your session. So follow the below tips, and get back in the treadmill groove.

Spruce up your treadmill workout

Basically, ditch the old workout routine. Review your current treadmill session and take a look at what you think isn’t working. Focus on the elements that need improving, and the parts that you could do without.

A stale running workout can be hard to complete, even in the nicest of outdoor environments. So unless your session excites you, getting motivated to complete it on a treadmill will be a real hard task.

Need something completely new? Try this treadmill interval training session:

00:00 – 05:0013.5
05:00 – 08:0018 (10 advanced level)
08:00 – 11:0047 (9 advanced level)
11:00 – 15:0086
15:00 – 19:0057
19:00 – 22:00010 (9 beginner or intermediate level)
22:00 – 25:00103.5
25:00 – 28:00Maximum incline3
28:00 – 30:0002.5  (cool down)

Get to know the treadmill’s features

Some buttons on a treadmill look as though they belong on a spaceship. You know the ones, they flash but you have no idea what they do. These may seem intimidating, but you should really start using them.

All machines are slightly different in what they offer, but they should all do the same type of things. You can usually choose and alter elements like distance, speed, gradient and session type – such as intervals, for example.

Some treadmill applications also offer a number of great extra motivators too; you may well be able to choose which environment you’d like to run in on a large screen or, if you wish, you could listen to music or watch TV.

If injured, use other cardio machines

Maybe you’re not enjoying your time on the treadmill because you’re injured? Things such as shin splints, blisters or other ailments can make running pretty tricky. If so, try other cardiovascular machines until your body is repaired and ready to run.

  • Spin bikes

Pros: HIIT workouts, burns calories, low impact on knees and ankle joints.

Cons: Lower back strain, easy to over train.

  • Cross trainer (Vario, X-trainer)

Pros: low impact on lower body joints, accelerates weight loss, is a whole-body workout.

Cons: the lower body may develop faster than the upper body, progression isn’t spectacular.

  • Rowing machine

Pros: low impact on joints, good for beginners, whole-body workout, helps the process of weight loss.

Cons: lower back strain, sore glutes when completing extra miles, a bit noisy.

By David Gordon and Daniela Mohor