Posted on January 06, 2018 by Louisa Feary

If you follow health conscious social media influencers, celebrity chefs or have read any health cook books recently you will see a couple of breakfast options that crop up time and time again. One is eggs, and the other is oats, such as porridge. Both can have the ability to fuel you for longer as well as providing you with brilliant nutrients for even longer-term benefits.

Another great thing is that they take less time to prepare than you think. Eggs can take a matter of minutes depending on how you want them, and overnight oats in the summer or a warming bowl of porridge in the winter months are also nice and simple to prepare but, because they take less time than popping some cereal in a bowl or grabbing a coffee and pastry, they sometimes get put down the list of morning activities.

Here’s a simple base recipe for one for some satisfying porridge that can be customised depending on your taste of toppings and you can of course increase the quantities if you want to make some for anyone you live with; it’s easier to lead a healthy life if everyone around you is too!


160g rolled oats

600 ml liquid (Milk, Non-dairy alternative or water)

A pinch of sea salt


Place all ingredients on a simmer and keep stirring until thickened and the oats have softened – about 7 minutes.

Pour into bowls straight away and then add your choice of toppings.

Here are some suggestions for some tasty but still healthy toppings:

-A drizzle of honey and a chopped banana

-Nut butter, cinnamon and raisins

-Sunflower seeds, softened apple chunks and honey

-Mixed frozen berries

-Stewed autumnal fruits

-A soft cooked egg with some fresh herbs or spices if you fancy a savoury alternative

Louisa Feary, Marketing