Posted on October 03, 2017 by Louisa Feary

With the 2017 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships heading to Montreal we wanted to look at the incredible strength of the very best in gymnastics, so we’ve created a gymnastics inspired workout.

The world is full of different types of strong athletes but many may not realise gymnasts are highly regarded as one of the pound for pound strongest athletes. They will continuously work on different physical aspects, such as core strength and flexibility which can aid them in meeting the requirements to deliver a performance to their desired standards. It is a very multidimensional sport that helps develop overall strength and conditioning.

As we can see from Olympic athletes they are not only strong but they are also very fluid in their movements – they undergto very all rounded training with a great eye on flexibility and core strength.

Gymnastics workouts are a great way to build up strength and flexibility. Anyone can part take in gymnastic exercise whether you’re small, big, old or young.  However not every individual can get their hands on Olympic gymnastic equipment, therefore, you will have to focus on more bodyweight exercises, stretches, and some dumbbell exercises. A lot of gymnastics inspired moves can also be seen in CrossFit training.

Here are a few exercises to incorporate into your routine that will give you a full body workout…

Skin the cat:

Find a straight pull up bar, or rings if your gym has it, and dead hang from it, bring your knees to your stomach and pull your body over while keeping your arms straight. You should feel your shoulders and chest feel a stretch and go as far over as you can till you can’t anymore and pull yourself back into the neutral position. Repeat 6 reps for 3 sets. Complete this first under supervision if unsure and place a mat underneath your for safety.

It will help with shoulder flexibility and grip strength.


Beginners: Jump up to the top of the bar making sure your chin is over the bar and slowly control your body down. Repeat 8-10 reps

Intermediate: Normal repetitions fully extending your arms down and up making sure your chin is over the bar. 10-12 reps

Advance: Attach ankle weights on your ankle or weighted plates and do pull-ups 6 reps.

All exercises to be completed for 3 sets.

This exercise will help to build a strong back and help improve your grip strength and bicep muscle mass.

Wall Walks:

Get yourself in a plank position with your feet touching the wall. Walk yourself up to the wall while at the same time walking your hands backward till your body is parallel to the wall. Hold the handstand for 10 seconds and slowly walk your hands back to the plank position and rest.

Repeat the process 3 times.

This exercise will help your shoulder and core strength.

L hang:

Grip and hang on a high bar and slowly bring your legs up together till your body is in an L position. Hold the L sit for 10 seconds and rest, repeat the process again 3 times.

A great exercise to help increase flexibility but also help strengthen the core.

Have fun playing around like a big kid and discover your inner gymnast.