Posted on August 20, 2018 by Josh Puttock

If you feel like your training has lost momentum, try these five tips to help get your motivation back on track.

Set goals

This is the most common source of motivation for most individuals; setting yourself goals is one of the easiest ways of assessing your progress. If an individual is able to see progress in the form of reaching goals, then it will keep them motivated. That’s why it is important to set yourself short and long-term goals.

Increase the fun

Working out can be a demanding activity on the body sometimes, and it can leave you questioning whether the pain is worth it. Therefore, to prevent this from happening it may help changing up your routine and adding some fun and exciting exercises to it! Some people will use something like rock climbing as part of their routine, as it keeps things lively.

Don’t forget why you started

Once people get into the routine of working out it can become boring, but never forget why you started. This can keep you motivated to reach your target(s). Reasons for working out could be to lose weight in general, for a sport or activity, to look good for a holiday or one of a number of other reasons. Whichever one it is, don’t forget it!

Join classes

Another way to keep yourself motivated is to join classes or fitness groups, as this may surround you with people that are aiming to achieve the same goals as you. This reduces your chances of wanting to quit as you may feel like you are letting a team down, and you don’t want to be that person.

Take progress photos

This is one of the most satisfying ways of keeping yourself motivated, and it has become a common thing on social media where people will take before and after progress pictures. And of course, these don’t have to be shared – they can be personal to you. They can act as a constant reminder that the decision you made to work out has actually benefitted you!

By Julian Debrah, Gym and Spa Operative