Posted on July 08, 2020 by Josh Puttock

Stretching before bed can be highly beneficial to getting that all important beauty sleep that will have you feeling and looking refreshed for the day ahead.

During lockdown it has been reported that many of us have been struggling to sleep whether that be due to the change of routine, the stresses of everyday or adjusting to the new normal. One simple step that you can try to relieve yourself of these pressures is taking 5-10 minutes before bed to stretch. Stretching in the evening will help increase awareness of your body and put you into a relaxed state which has been shown to help promote deeper, longer sleep. Many of us suffer with back, neck or shoulder pains and stretching will ease these pains making for a more comfortable sleep.

Other benefits to developing an evening stretch routine is that it will distract you from reading emails, watching TV or the hours of scrolling through social media which keeps your mind active. Studies have shown that practicing stretching or disciplines such as Yoga can be relaxing and meditative. Focusing on yourself takes you away from all of the day’s stresses and worries.

There are also many other day to day benefits to stretching such as:

  • stretching can improve posture
  • stretching can improve range of motion and prevents loss of range of motion
  • stretching can decrease back pain
  • stretching can help prevent injury
  • stretching can decrease muscle soreness



















By Bradley Dixon, Gym Manager, Upper Riverside