Posted on August 28, 2017 by Kim Mead

The spine, also known as the vertebral column, is typically called a column because it acts as a pillar for the whole body. It offers strength and stability for the whole body, allows movement to occur, as well as allowing different movements such as flexion, extension and rotation.

For this reason it is very important that we not only maintain a good posture when we exercise – due to the added weight or pressure going through our spinal column – but also when we are still, sat down or standing up; namely at work. After all I’m pretty sure that most of us spend more time at work than exercising.

Below are some tips on how to improve your spinal posture at your work place:

Adequate ergonomics – invest in a good chair, make sure your monitor is placed at the right height, you have enough leg space, that your keyboard and mouse are comfortable and your wrists are neutral. You can also get standing work stations nowadays.
Make sure your body is aligned when sitting or standing – head is pulled back at the base of your neck and top of your shoulders which are retracted, core is pulled in to maintain a relatively flat lower back and hips are neutral. Feel like somebody is pulling you up from the top of your head
Move – get up and walk around, stretch and even perform a few squats and shoulder, head and spinal rotations
Do not cross your legs – when crossing your legs you are immediately creating an imbalance between the 2 sides and your posture which might cause tightness in parts of your body. Try and sit with feet flat on the floor or put a prop under your feet if the floor is not comfortable
Strengthen your back muscles, especially the smaller muscles – this will help in achieving a better posture in the long run
Use kinesio tape – you can place kinesio tape that has been stretched out a bit in between your shoulders or along your back. This will make you more aware of when you’re slouching your shoulders forwards or hunching over

Give the above tips a go and see how you feel; it might not feel like you’re doing a lot but little things throughout the day will help in achieving a better posture.