“My Name Is…”

Grant Charles

“My Role At motive8…”

Gym and Spa Manager

“My Favourite Things About My Role…”

I generally like the responsibilities of the Gym and Spa manager role. I am getting more responsibility which keeps me busy and motivated.

The on-site teams make my site visits enjoyable and it’s good to see staff enjoying themselves at work.

motive8 is a very social company and events are often held which contribute to the work-life balance, which isn’t present in the majority of workplaces. We have a good group of employees and when everybody gets together for the Summer and Christmas functions, it’s always a good gig!

“A Typical Day For Me…”

I would arrive at one of my four sites. I will catch up with the team/Supervisor and discuss any points that need addressing, mainly areas that are noted as outstanding on the weekly report, as these are priorities.

I would head to the management office to catch up with the estate manager and update them on progress with any issues on site.

I would conduct an inspection, which is mainly focused on cleanliness and maintenance issues, and once conducted I would update the site supervisor on areas that require attention.

I need to keep tabs on how my remaining sites and teams are getting on so I would phone each site and get updates from the teams.

It’s important for me to keep in touch with my fellow G&S manager and Head of Gym and Spa, so emails and catch up calls are a daily occurrence.

“The One Problem I Face Within My Role…”

The most difficult element of my job is dividing my time between 4 sites. Ideally I’d like more consistency in my working week but this is difficult with scheduled meetings and times when I’m needed on site.

“Why I Came To motive8…”

I started off as a Gym and Spa Operative and worked my way to site Supervisor and most recently (January 2016) Gym and Spa manager.

The growth of the company has been exponential and it’s been great to be a part of. I couldn’t tell you my next step, I always strive for progress, but putting my finger on a specific position is difficult.

“In Five Years Time…”

5 years from now I hope to have progressed into a senior management role. I also wish to fully utilise and expand on the the NEBOSH qualification I am studying for.

“A Fun Fact About Me…”

I’m a big fan of impressive views. Whether it be a city skyline or a mountain top. Give me a good view and I am content!

“My Motivational Quote…”

Moderation is a fatal thing, nothing succeeds like excess.

“When I Was A Child…”

As a child, initially I wanted to be a police officer to follow in my father’s footsteps. I was always intrigued by this as a kid, but when I got into my teenage years the idea faded.

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