“My Name is…”

Jamie Lynch

“My Role At motive8…”

Sports Coach in the coaching department.

“My Favourite Things About My Role…”

I get to work with great kids and secondly watch kids progress in sport to the best of their ability.

“A Typical Day For Me…”

My typical work day will be starting at 8am with a breakfast club where we teach a range of different sports, for example gymnastics and football.

1.15-3.15 Coaching in a curricular primary school teaching various sports including hockey, netball or rounders.

3.30-4.30 After school provision which can be various sports as above but is more fun and enjoyable.

“The One Problem I Face Within My Role…”

The biggest challenge about my role is to make sure all sessions are enjoyable as well as making sure the kids are learning and progressing.

“Why I Came To motive8…”

One of my best friends was working with motive8 and he described motive8 to me and of course I was interested! I had an interview and got the job straight away.

“In Five Years Time”

My 5 year goal is to continue being a coach but trying to become the best coach I can be.

“A Fun Fact About Me…”

People say I am a happy and smiley person but I enjoy my job.

“My Motivational Quote…”

Once you are happy and have a passion for your job you will succeed.

“When I Was A Child…”

When I was a child I wanted to become a big time chef and own my own company; now I am a P.E teacher and I love the job that I do.

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