“My Name Is…”

Jordan Finnegan

“My Role At motive8…”

Full Time Gym and Spa Operative at Woodberry Downs.

“My Favourite Things About My Role…”

I love being at work teaching classes, interacting with residents and finding out their goals and being around my colleagues.

“A Typical Day For Me…”

I will go to work (typically early or late shifts 8 hours each) and carry out tasks such as maintaining the cleanliness of the facilities, equipment checks and conducting pool and spa tests. My site is very studio class based and have classes that run throughout the day including HIIT, Kettlebells and Circuits which includes a lot of boxing, cardio and strength work. Those are the classes I tend to teach on a regular basis.

“The One Problem I Face Within My Role…”

The trickiest part of my job is going to bed at a decent hour and getting some sleep before an early shift.

“Why I Came To motive8…”

I have always been passionate about working in the fitness industry especially as I have always had a sporty background. The most encouraging thing for me, as well as what lured me to the company, was the support from my supervisor Kevin and my manager Grant from my initial first and second interviews to now and also the support they have given to me throughout my time with motive8 so far.

“In Five Years Time…”

In 5 years time I would like to be in some sort of management within the industry and hopefully with motive8. I am ready to work hard to achieve this in the coming years.

“A Fun Fact About Me…”

In secondary school I won the 1500m race every year beating my personal best every time. I also collected the most 1st place certificates overall. Other certificates included long jump and triple jump.

“My Motivational Quote…”

“HARDWORK.. HARDWORK!! You get out what you put in.” Famous and inspirational words of boxer Floyd Mayweather. True great and true professional.

“When I Was A Child…”

When I was younger I wanted to be a footballer and play for my childhood favourite team Arsenal. I made it into the academy at one stage but I had to give it up due to training times and school commitments at the time which was a big shame. Who knows what could have happened.

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