“My Name Is…”

Josh Remedios

“My Role At motive8…”

Chelsea Creek Supervisor

“My Favourite Things About My Role…”

Personal Training & working closely with clients to get results.

“A Typical Day For Me…”

I usually come in early for a PT session with one of my regular clients. After putting them through their paces I will go and chat with the staff member that has opened up, checking everything has been running as normal that morning. I will follow this up with a walk around the facility doing checks on the cleaning and the condition of the gym/pool etc. During my shift I will liaise with the gym manager making sure any defects are reported and appropriate action is being taken. Most weeks there are plenty of emails to respond to and usually a blog to write. Whilst on shift I also have to be doing pool tests, stocking supplies and all the other small day to day jobs needed to keep the gym and pool running smoothly. I enjoy interacting with the residents on a regular basis and will chat with them throughout the day. Finally I will hand over to the evening shift, reporting any issues and explaining how we are dealing with them.

“The One Problem I Face Within My Role…”

Chelsea Creek is one of our older facilities meaning it is important to keep on top of any breakdowns or issues that would not take place at newer sites. We are also one of the busier sites, despite not being the largest so keeping all residents happy can be challenging.

“Why I Came To motive8…”

When I graduated from University I was looking for a role where I could use my Sport and Exercise Science degree and a role that included personal training, within a developing company, appealed to me.

“In Five Years Time…”

I have progressed from part time staff to full time to supervisor since I started with the company, so it would be great to continue that trend and be given further opportunities to progress.

“A Fun Fact About Me…”

My surname is Portuguese and I have many relatives still living in Portugal.

“My Motivational Quote…”

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

“When I Was A Child…”

I wanted to be a footballer!

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