Posted on March 09, 2018 by Louisa Feary

Black Belt Thinking

Author: Nick Forgham

Reviewed by: Nick Sadler


A Black Belt who is calm in a crisis, who knows their potential and how to achieve it. A Black Belt who knows who they are, and who is comfortable with others because they know and understand themselves. This book is about the Black Belt that is within you. Feeling stuck? Feeling there is something missing? Black Belt Thinking will help you to: Increase your awareness and understanding of who you are; Connect fully with yourself and others; Know what ‘failure’ is and know why you will never fail; Learn how to carry on, even when things seem too tough; Use the power of humility to achieve extraordinary sustainable results; Most of all, it shows you how to maximise your potential, whatever your upbringing or current situation.

Selected Extract:

‘It is the ‘little and often’ approach that gets people to Black Belt. Doing something a bit extra, something that other people are not doing. David Beckham used to go and do his daily training with his team mates. After the training has finished he would go and find a set of goal posts, and suspend a tyre so it was hanging from one corner of the goal. Then he would practice his free kicks, aiming to get every ball in the tyre. It is the practicing that gives us that little bit extra. That little bit of extra skill, that little bit more of developing a natural strength’.

Why it’s Nick’s choice:

  • I love the way the book is put together.
  • You can revisit sections.
  • Easy to read…it kind of talks to you!
  • The author is clearly passionate about the subjects covered.