Posted on March 12, 2018 by Louisa Feary

Devoted: The story of a father’s love for his son

Author: Dick Hoyt & Don Yaeger

Reviewed by: Rob Clarke


A story about a father’s devotion to his disabled son. Rick Hoyt was born in 1960’s America when little was understood about Cerebral Palsy. Dick and his wife were told by doctors to put their son into an institution and move on. They didn’t and the story that follows is one of true inspiration and shows the dedication of both parents to give their child the best possible start in life.

Selected Extract:

‘I’m just a regular guy. I mow my lawn, shovel snow from the driveway, and change the oil in our vehicles. I do the grocery shopping and cook most of our dinners. I’m like any other man in America. Only I got lucky—I have a beautiful son and an activity we can do together, despite his disability. It’s been an incredible journey. I’m not a hero. I’m just a father. And all I did was tie on a pair of running shoes and push my son in his wheelchair’.

Why it’s Rob’s choice:

  • The story is truly inspiring
  • I had heard about “Team Hoyt” so it was great to read the full story
  • Being a father myself some aspects really resonate throughout the book
  • It drives me to be a better father and person.