Posted on August 02, 2017 by Kim Mead

As part of our fitness service offering we offer a corporate wellness service which we run in-house to corporate clientele. One of our contracts is with Prodrive, who specialise in motorsport and innovative engineering for the motoring industry.

Within a typical corporate environment staff turn up to work, perform the tasks for their role and do what they need to do to get the job done. Today it is now a realisation that to get employees to work more efficiently and achieve an improved work/life balance which leads to better productivity, there should be steps taken to bring health and fitness services and wellbeing provision into the workplace.

Making such services accessible to employees shows the staff that the company cares and has taken steps towards making their work life easier and better; in return the company is rewarded with employees that are happy to be at work and are more productive team members.

As Prodrive grow their business, so too does the demand on their team members who are the drivers behind the company’s success pushing forward with results and day to day performance. Prodrive have realised the importance of looking after their employees and, as part of their employee benefit scheme, offer their “Fit 4 Life” programme which we deliver as fitness and wellbeing specialists.

A day at Prodrive consists of meeting with a number employees for a pre-booked consultation session- during the 45minute to 60minute consultation we discuss on a 1-2-1 basis topics surrounding the individual’s health and wellbeing.

The aim of the first session is to find out what the individual wants to achieve from their session and Fit 4 Life journey and get that person started on making change.

This often ranges from support with areas such as:
• fitness training and exercise programming
• nutritional guidance
• advice on weight loss, improving body composition lowering body fat percentage
• improving sports performance
• eliminating poor health habits such as smoking
• a health check in on bodyweight, body composition or tests to check their blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels

Following on from an initial visit, the employee receives written feedback in the form of consultation notes, any fitness/health testing results and action points to follow up with ahead of their next visit. The staff also receive information to take away for reference. They also have the opportunity to book in a follow up session, scheduled in at an agreed and suitable interval for their goals.

What we also deliver is a number of wellbeing awareness campaigns each month that help create awareness for the Prodrive team about national health related schemes and in house fitness challenges – one popular example is the STOP Smoking campaign, where we have recently been able to enrol a number of staff members on a programme to embark on their smoke free lifestyle which has been a great success.

We also work with the staff canteen and catering company to provide healthier alternatives for lunch and break times food choices and, where there are teams that continue work around the clock in 24/7 operations, we offer additional time slots to cater for those employees.

At Prodrive we also get involved with organising the company’s annual summer staff event that usually revolves around a team building or games evening. Last year we delivered an in-house team building competition themed around the Olympic Games – teams were encouraged to dress up to represent a country and competed in physical and strategic challenges in a head to head rotational style competition! This was a great way to celebrate the hard work of the staff.

At Prodrive we deliver the programme in-house across 4 of Prodrive’s sites and co-ordinate the bookings so that all staff members have access to advice from a professional. We work very closely with HR personnel and facilities management teams to ensure that we offer a flexible and engaging service for the company, but also aim to become a recognised and trusted part of the company’s human resources infrastructure.

Shawn Mullix, Personal Training Manager