Posted on August 07, 2017 by Kim Mead

Since starting our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme we have made some great progress but we still have so much to do. We will need your help to achieve our goals, particularly the environmental and community work that is detailed on Rolstone’s CSR update. Here is a quick update on what we have achieved along with you so far this year!

Donations made to the Grenfell victims
motive8 paid to put a team in to this event which raised a staggering £46,000 with 800 riders participating. Please click here to read the full blog about the event.

motive8 in the Community
Adam Field has done a great job with our application to create a new CIC (Community Interest Company) and we are at the final stages of the process. This is very exciting time for coaching and will enable us to run far more events for the under privileged; whose children have the highest obesity rates in the country. As a non-profit making entity, our aim is to receive funding for this very relevant and great cause.

motive8 Sponsors Monika Smiechowska to renovate a school in Uganda
Monika is off to Uganda for 4 weeks from 30th July to 30th August for this wonderful cause. She has already smashed her £750 target with £910 as at 27th July. If you haven’t already I’m sure she would welcome additional sponsorship 😉

To put money into context:
– £2.50 will buy 100 bricks
– £10 will pay a tradesman’s wage for a week
– £20 will buy 6 tonnes of building sand
– £100 will pay 3 teachers wages for a month
– £1000 will refurbish a 2 classroom school block

motive8 entered a team with participants from across the company, donating £1800 to the rugby event for the Charity SPEAR. The event itself raised £40,000 and you can read more about the day here.

Supporting Danetree’s Bizchool initiative
Our very own Nick Sadler gave up his precious time to help the children of Danetree School develop the much-needed business skills to help them for the future. To hear more about what Nick got up to, and what the children had to do as part of the initiative, please click here.

motive8 sponsored Anna Stishova in the Devises to Westminster canoe race
Anna Stishova from the Gym & Spa team took on this endurance challenge for a local cause. To read about this epic adventure and all the challenges she faced, read her blog,

Coaching apprenticeships
The coaching department have been running this scheme for some time now which has been successful in bringing talented new staff to the department. See two of our apprentice’s journey here.

We have now published our apprentice requirements on our website – if you know anyone who may be interested please let them know.

Work Experience
Terry is a business student at St. Marys University and was with us for a few months (one day a week) to assist with our CSR activities, some of which included general research and creating & analysing the CSR staff survey with Rolstone. He was a pleasure to have in the office and naturally worked in conjunction with our values.

William was our most recent work experience and found us through a business partner. He was looking for general office exposure but also very interested in sports & fitness. He spent a week with us in June, taking a day with each department to perform a wide range of tasks that we hope will help him when he completes his education. Thank you to all the staff who took the time to help him.

Omar White, Commercial Director