Posted on June 14, 2017 by Kim Mead

In our last blog post, Chantel, Richard, Nikki, Naomi and Laura all shared their top tips for a healthy work-life balance.

This time we hear from five more of the motive8 team on what gets them through the day!

Kimberley Mead

“Time out of the office at some point in the day to take in fresh air, do some exercise and get ready for the rest of the day. A lunchtime swim always works for me!”

Shawn Mullix

“It is important to leave your work life in the office and allow time to switch off whilst at home or enjoying personal endeavours. Resting the mind from a busy workload can help reduce stress levels at work and also help you in being more productive with a clearer train of thought. Even when it seems as though there is so much to do, time away from your desk is essential!”

Sarah Cleland-Smith

“I write all of my tasks down in a book and refer to it first thing and throughout the day. It gets added to constantly but it helps me to switch off in the evening – if I suddenly think of something I need to remember to do it goes in the book then I can clear it from my mind because I know I will see it in the morning and not forget.”

Omar White

“Project deadline looming? Has someone given you some work at the last minute? It’s at these times when you are susceptible to the most stress or anxiety. It may seem counterintuitive but instead of working through every lunch take a break go for a brisk walk for 30 minutes. Studies have found that lunchtime walks can improve your mood and enable you to handle stress at work and that is something I too have found. Getting some fresh air, sun and a change of scenery (especially if you have a park near you) really sets me up for the afternoon. I also find myself subconsciously finding better solutions to problems or more efficient ways to work which actually assist me in completing the work on time. Why not give it a try; with the weather improving there really is no excuse.”

Adam Field

“Leave work at work. Don’t become the yes person, learn to say no. Add fun things into your weekly schedule. Eat, sleep, work, enjoy!”