Posted on November 28, 2017 by Louisa Feary

As a keen sportswoman I love nothing more than escaping to the peace and quiet of the water for a long swim set or clip into my bike for a ride on a Sunday morning. It’s a great feeling to breathe and feel my muscles working hard. However it’s never nice to hit a wall. Not a literal wall, although admittedly that would hurt, but a metaphorical wall. The mental block; it stops you going any further or working any harder.

I’ve always been active, whether it was dancing as a child, trying adventure sports on holiday or becoming a lifeguard during my time at University. It’s an escape from work and a guaranteed pick me up of endorphins. Most of the time. It’s less fun when you hit that wall that says ‘No more!’ When I suffered a bad back injury in my final year at University as a competitive cheerleader, I took it to heart. Even as my back healed my confidence was knocked. I could no longer do what I’d always done; I was scared to train in the gym even after I qualified as an instructor, and as I lost my fitness levels, I lost my love for sport.

Losing interest in a world you exist in is tough. I worked in fitness but didn’t want to participate. Seeing friends and colleagues going in and out of the gym or the pool left me feeling left out but I didn’t want to become bed bound and on pain killers again so I stayed out of harm’s way.

However, over time I found a new way to get myself back moving again. Swimming; a way to become active and challenge my cardio system again whilst protecting and strengthening my back. It took a while but that love of sport came flooding back and I found myself back in the gym and joining a triathlon club. Now I train up to 7-8 times a week and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

The mental challenge and blocks are still there but coming down brick by brick spurred on by that passion for a lifestyle I’ve always known I belonged to. Every time I say “I can’t” keep going or do something my coach quickly reminds me to rephrase it and tell myself “I can!” Sometimes it’s not just the physical strength that is needed but the mental strength that provides the biggest challenges of all.

The wall is in your head- just take down it one brick at a time!

Louisa Feary, Marketing