Posted on July 29, 2019 by Josh Puttock

The challenge:

Get into a squat position with your back against a wall and dumbbell in front of chest, then simply hold it for as long as possible (female 10kg, male 20kg).

The technique:

  • Lean against a wall
  • Walk with your feet shoulder width apart
  • While leaning back on the wall, slide down until there is a 90-degree bend at both your hips and knees
  • Feel your body weight in your heels, not in your toes (your quads and hamstrings will start to burn after 15 to 20 seconds)

Everyone participating is a winner, remember, as this builds leg strength and endurance. The champion is the person who holds the squat in perfect form for the longest.

Good Luck!

*This month’s Fitness Challenge was prepared by the PT team at Dickens Yard*