Posted on May 02, 2018 by Kate Gordon

Indoor Rowing, with the ‘Concept 2 Rowing Machine’, is the most neglected exercise and under-used piece of gym equipment. This rowing machine will improve cardiovascular fitness, build muscle and burn ridiculous amounts of calories.

Doing this will no doubt improve your fitness levels; whether you’re into weightlifting, looking to shift those extra pounds or hoping to improve your performance in your chosen sport.

Rowing builds fitness that crosses over to other training and fitness styles, so can benefit most athletes. We’ve listed a good handful of “go to” rowing workouts that never fail to hit the spot, whatever your spot might be!

Before you start though, row for 5 minutes at an easy pace and conduct some mobility drills to ensure you are prepared and able to perform to your greatest potential…

Row repeats

Row for five minutes at a comfortable pace, then row for 250m (metres) as fast as possible, while maintaining proper rowing form. Rest for 60 seconds, then row another 250m at maximum effort. Repeat this pattern for a total of ten all-out 250m rows.

Endurance builder

Row for 20 minutes at the highest effort level you can consistently maintain. At the end, make sure to note your average stroke rate and average speed so you have a target to improve upon next time.

The fat killer

Row as hard as you can for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat this for a total of six rounds, then take a three-minute rest. That’s one set. Do a total of three sets. The aim is to maintain the same intensity – so you row roughly the same distance – every time.

Row repeats extreme!

So this is 500m in 2min, 40sec of rest, repeated eight times. There’s every chance that 40sec of rest will start to feel way too short after a couple of sprints, so don’t be afraid to extend it slightly, but try to cap it at 60sec or 90sec at the most.

By Luke Trim, Gym & Spa Operative