Posted on November 23, 2017 by Louisa Feary

During the cold and dark winter weather, it can seem much harder to keep yourself motivated to train, and do anything in general, except stay indoors and keep warm. This is why I am writing this blog on how to keep you motivated and moving in the right direction.

My first advice to you would be to find a regime or a plan and stick to it for the period. This can be a workout split, counted daily running or a time based training session of your choice. When you have your workout in mind, you have to stick to it and be organised in your doing so. This form of organisation can make it easier to stick to. Being organised and having discipline in your training and diet can make it easier to internalise and make it habitual to do it every day. It takes around 66 days to create a working habit. So chances are if you create this habit during summer, it can become even easier to maintain during winter and the dark days it brings.

My second piece of advice to you would be to find a partner who will motivate you and make you feel guilty if you miss a day. Having a training partner can make it easier to train and it can be much more interactive when you train together and allow for you to push your limits if your partner thinks you are slacking off during the session. However, this can be a double-edged sword, make sure your training partner is dedicated and won’t distract you when you’re training so keep the mobile phones and chatter to a minimum.

My third advice is to train somewhere inside or in a good ambience. The cold and dark weather outside can make it much more difficult to motivate yourself to train, so going to a well-lit gym and surrounding yourself with a lot of like-minded people who are trying to make their summer bodies in the winter is always a good shout. Once again, however, you need to remember that the gym is a social place, so make sure that you have conversations with people at the appropriate times and that it is not impeding on your workout. Training in a high vibe place can make you feel more motivated to train and put more effort in. So all you really need to do is just leave the house and that’s half of the battle already done.

My final advice would be to take it day by day. I know I said earlier to get organised and have a plan for how your routine should go. However, lapses of faith and routine can occur – in this scenario the best advice I can give you is to make sure that you go. Do not look at your routine as a cumulative amount of days you need to do. But rather, just tell yourself “I need to go today; tomorrow will bring what tomorrow brings”. If you manage this, you will feel a good level of accomplishment for doing what you set out to do, even though you didn’t want to. Your goal is to get fit and maintain your training during winter; however a day by day approach can seem more tolerable when you don’t think about your plan as a block period.

Thomas Camber, Chelsea Creek