Posted on April 24, 2020 by Josh Puttock

Regular exercise is key to both mental and physical wellbeing. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut during this lockdown period and let your exercise regime go out the window. Many people may lose motivation with no routine to stick to or holiday to look forward to. Here are some tips to keep you on track without flaunting social distancing rules!

Varying your exercise

Looking to get some variety in your exercise routines can be the key to ensuring you do not end up on the sofa in your pyjamas all day! If your only exercise idea is to run each day it can quickly lead to that feeling of dread when you think about pulling on those running shoes yet again, which in turn can lead to all sorts of excuses coming out as to why you cannot run today. For some people the high impact nature of outdoor running can even cause injuries if done too regularly.

Look to add some variation to your workouts. There is no shortage of online and live workouts you can follow from your own home. Even consider throwing in something you may not have even considered prior to lockdown such as yoga, Pilates or meditation. You may even stumble into a new passion.

Setting goals

Having a set goal can be the difference between having the motivation to get a workout done or choosing another episode of your favourite show on Netflix. This can be a small goal such as running a 5km in a certain time by the end of isolation or a weekly goal you set each week which may look something like this:

  • Run 15km over the course of the week
  • x2 Online live HIIT classes
  • 1 yoga session
  • x3 meditation sessions
  • 1 home bodyweight workout

That way you can pick and choose what to complete each day and look to chip away at the weekly target.

Having a structure

Some people need a structure to their lives. If this is the case for you make sure are doing the simple things such as setting your alarm, making the bed, getting dressed etc. Add in a daily time when you do your exercise so that it becomes a habit rather than a chore!

Getting enough sleep

This one probably sounds a little silly considering there is likely no need for that early alarm and rush to leave the house every morning. Surely everyone is able to sleep as long as they want?

Unfortunately, that very same reason may be the reason why your regular sleeping pattern goes out the window. With nothing to worry about the next day it is easy to get caught in a cycle of staying up late watching TV or browsing social media. Not getting enough sleep has been linked to weight gain, poor athletic performance, affecting appetite and cravings, poor concentration and increased likelihood of heart disease so stick to a sensible bedtime!


By Josh Remedios – Gym & Spa Area Manager