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Blenheim Triathlon Result – Sarah Cleland-Smith

How  quickly did June 4th come around?!  When I entered the Blenheim Triathlon I fancied a challenge and thought that 8 months was ages away! Treading water in the sunshine I was actually quite excited.  We took on board lots of advice given to us leading up to the event – ‘get in the water […]

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Travel, events, adventure!

I have just returned from 4 days of Mountain Biking in Ibiza. It was a last minute arrangement and I really didn’t know what to expect. The first day consisted of a ‘leisurely’ 3.5 hour guided ride, we explored the very beautiful north of the island, but it was not exactly relaxing. This was just a […]

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Active Holidays – madness or motivation?

I seem to have abandoned relaxing beach holidays over the last few years and instead spend my time off participating in some sort of challenge, active pursuit or fitness camp. It sounds crazy as surely holidays are for rest, but it does actually re-energise me and I come back feeling fit and revitilised rather than […]

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