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Coaching | wellbeing

Importance of Exercise for Children

We’ve all heard on the news about how everyone needs to do more exercise, how bad living a sedentary lifestyle is for us, and how the UK is steadily becoming the fattest in Europe¹. But what effect does this have on our children? And is exercise really important for our future generation? In a word; […]

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Gym Design | Marketing

Our Children – The Next Generation

This is a conversation that comes up often with friends who have kids. How do we bring up our children to be independent in the society we live in?  We talk about our freedom as children of the 1980’s, free to ride our bikes and go out and play in muddy ditches, but what about […]

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When do children stop moving?

I was walking along the road with my goddaughter the other day and she was always 10 steps in front of me, moving along with a combination of running and skipping. I admired her boundless energy and wondered when it was that I had stopped skipping along and converted to barely picking up my feet […]

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