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How to Train for RideLondon in Your Home Gym

Get your riding positions checked and your chains oiled – the 2017 Prudential RideLondon is nearly here! This annual three-day festival of cycling runs from London through Surrey at the end of July. Although this challenging ride involves 100 miles of outdoor roads taking in Box Hill, Leith Hill and an imperceptible but draining climb through […]

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Tour of Yorkshire 2014 – From tragic to magic!!

After cycling from London to Cannes in 2013, we decided it was about time we got our bikes out for another two-wheeled challenge. This time we found an event that was being held on much more familiar ground – the Tour of Yorkshire. Hot off the back of the Tour de France Grand Depart, we […]

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The London-Paris 2011 – Cycling Event

On 23rd – 25th June, I cycled from London-Paris. As I write this it seems very simple, but the emotion, pain and elation that came with it is almost impossible to explain. I had been training for months leading up to this event and, since cycling is a new sport for me, I was pretty […]

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Blenheim Triathlon Result – Sarah Cleland-Smith

How  quickly did June 4th come around?!  When I entered the Blenheim Triathlon I fancied a challenge and thought that 8 months was ages away! Treading water in the sunshine I was actually quite excited.  We took on board lots of advice given to us leading up to the event – ‘get in the water […]

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New Found Respect

I’ve always been a pretty courteous driver. Coming from Leeds, everyone lets each other out into traffic, giving way here and there and generally being quite nice to each other. Not sure whether its a good or bad thing but I’ve brought these habits with me to London, despite them being completey lost on the crazy drivers we have down here! […]

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